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Having trouble finding a reliable Little Rock chiropractor? Looking for a team with a wide variety of services and a high level of customer service? Pinnacle Chiropractic in Little Rock, AR is your solution! From the knowledge of our outstanding health professionals to the wide selection of services we carry, we’re the best chiropractic company in the area. Looking to improve your overall health? We don’t only provide chiropractic care; we also provide nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and more! We understand that dealing with health problems is never a fun experience – especially when a high level of pain is involved. That’s why we focus on providing a comfortable, stress-free environment while we solve your pain and health needs quickly and effectively. In fact, a high level of customer care is our number on priority!

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If you want a chiropractor that’s always focused on providing the best service imaginable, reach out to Dr. Jonathan Jameson and his team of skilled health experts. If you’re constantly searching for “chiropractor near me,” look no further than Pinnacle Chiropractic! We are located at 5507 Ranch Dr #3, Little Rock, AR 72223. Call us today at (501) 673-3110!

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What Our Clients Say

  • Awesome place! Dr Jameson is great!

    Cody G. Avatar
    Cody G.
  • I have been working with Dr. Jameson for the past month and a half for my sciatica that constantly flared up during long drives, sitting at work, etc. I walked out of our first meeting with more optimism and information than all of my prior chiropractic appointments over the past several years combined.

    I was very upfront about the level of service I wanted and explained I wasn't about to sign up for a program that requires you to pre-pay for set number of appointments. Dr. Jameson took the time to break down my contributing causes, how it would progress further if untreated, and highlighted my own responsibility for improvement.

    It's taken several appointments, but I have never questioned the process. I was prepared with what to expect, what my body was doing, and equipped with the tools to continue improvement at home.

    Over the past month I have not had one flare up and I have been able to complete long 8+ hour drives without pain. I look forward towards continued improvement and cannot gush enough about how friendly the staff, Chelsy and Lauren, are. Their customer service is on another level. I appreciate the little things like doing stretches with me or working around my schedule last minute.

    Hands down a great health investment!

    Chelsy P. Avatar
    Chelsy P.
  • I cannot say enough good things about Pinnacle Chiropractic. I’ve had back and neck pain for the past 6 years and ever since I started going here I no longer do. They are incredibly flexible and work with your schedule, easy to get in touch with, and all around a great staff. If you have back and/or neck pain I highly recommend you go in, I started feeling relief after my first appointment. 12/10 would recommend!

    Cassie L. Avatar
    Cassie L.
  • My wife loves this place. She loves the staff so much, and says the doctor really knows his stuff. Their office is very clean and welcoming. We look forward to using them for all our chiro needs.

    Baxter J. Avatar
    Baxter J.
  • I've been a patient for several years and I feel Dr. J is a miracle worker! I used to have 1-2 migraines a month until I started treatment with Dr. J. Now I haven't had a migraine in quite a while. Dr J. stays up to date on new procedures and each appointment he adjusts you according to what you need. I get adjusted every other week and my migraines are a thing of the past. I pulled a muscle, called and Chelsey got me in right away. I started getting targeted massages with Mitzi and she is fantastic too! Everyone at the office is caring, friendly, understanding and comforting. It's obvious they enjoy what they do and I just adore them all. Need a chiropractor? Visit their office! They take insurance and the prices are reasonable even if you don't have insurance. I highly, highly recommend!

    Diannah S. Avatar
    Diannah S.
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