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Pinnacle Chiropractic Is Your Little Rock Chiropractor For Pain Relief Year Round

We Offer a Variety of Chiropractic Care Treatments

Visit us at Pinnacle Chiropractic if you are ready to receive treatment for your pain. We offer pain relief treatments for any back or neck pain, sports injuries, or auto accident injuries like whiplash. Do not suffer when we can help you live your fullest life. We offer chiropractic care to Little Rock and the surrounding areas. 


Conditions Treated at Pinnacle Chiropractic

Sports Injuries: We treat all types of sports injuries with a care plan that is a mixture of our proven chiropractic methods and your individual needs. This makes your injury recover work for you. 

Back Pain and Neck Pain: Chiropractic care for back pain is the first line of defense for many people and most are pleasantly surprised to find that chiropractic treatment for back pain is more effective than other methods and can actually put off the need for surgery in some cases. 

Sciatica: Pain from the sciatic nerve is not uncommon, but it can be debilitating when it occurs. We can address the location and cause of your sciatica pain to help you reduce or eliminate flare-ups. 

Auto Accident Injury: After your auto injury, it is vital to receive chiropractic treatment that helps realign what the extreme jolt misaligned. Chiropractic care after an auto accident can start you on the road to recovery, so don't delay. 

Whiplash: Recovery after a whiplash injury can seem slow. We can help speed it up with quality chiropractic care and expert techniques to get your body back to feeling good. 

Migraines: Anyone who suffers from chronic headaches knows how migraines can knock you off of your feet when they occur. We offer treatment plans to help reduce the occurrence, severity, and even find the cause in some cases of your migraine pain. 

Our treatment options include massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic massage, auto injury care, and spinal decompression. Your exact treatment will be decided after your first appointment. During your first exam, we will assess your injury and sources of pain, as well as discuss your needs and goals. You will find chiropractic care is the path to a life with less pain and more body awareness and control.   

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If you are ready to see how Pinnacle Chiropractic can help alleviate your pain and improve your whole body health, call us at (501) 673-3110. You can rely on us for the best chiropractic care in Little Rock whether you are dealing with migraines, a sports injury, an auto injury, back pain or pain anywhere else. Call us to find relief today!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am a firm believer in the power of chiropractic, and have been to many different chiropractors over the years. Dr. Jameson is by FAR the best in every capacity! He's extremely personable and makes everyone feel completely comfortable. He is thorough, he listens, he takes his time, and he educates you every step of the way. You will never regret trusting him with your health."
    Brittany R
  • "Jonathan and Chelsey are wonderful. They always make you feel you are important to them and they always leave you feeling like they want you to be the best you can be. Jonathan has seen my husband and myself through some difficult times and we trust him with our care. That's why we drive to Little Rock from Mayflower to see him."
    Geri T
  • "Dr Jameson did awesome relieving my back issues. I would recommend him to anyone because he is very caring and very understanding with patients and he does have the passion to help people with injuries/therapy to recover and get the best results. He is truly amazing!!!"
    Susan F
  • "Amazing is an understatement. Dr Jameson and his staff are the sweetest most caring people I have ever dealt with. After suffering from headaches since 2009 and not being able to find a reason why I went to Dr Jameson. He found the problem and started treatment. I have now been headache free for the first time in years and starting to feel normal again. I can't thank Dr. Jameson and his staff enough."
    Nicole R
  • "Dr. J has been helping my husband, son, daughter in law, and friend with headaches, sinus problems, and back issues. When Tolberts back goes out, we head down to see Doc and he gets almost immediate relief. Within a couple of adjustments he is back to normal. Thanks again..."
    Allena D

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